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SOS = Soup of Success :).  One of my (Sarah AT) placements is at Soup of Success, where you can find me Monday, Tuesday, & Friday mornings, and Thursday afternoons…. and now, some shameless advertising…

3 weeks and a few days until Christmas…. which is the perfect time for SOS (although really, any time of the year is a perfect time for SOS cookies or brownies or soups.  and probably the dips too, although I haven’t yet tried those and can’t vouch for them yet.  All of the cookies so far though are, well, amazing.  It’s a struggle to make it to the actually cookie-making step.  Usually I just start devouring the cookie dough. :).  A lot of people are aware of the Soup of Success program and the products (if not, go to: www.soupofsuccess.com .  Or ask me or somebody else that’s involved in SOS to tell you about this rocking program) but don’t know where to find the mixes or how to order them or buy them… and many people aren’t aware at all that we do gift baskets!  Not sure what to get friends & family for Christmas?  SOS gift baskets!!  (I hear that food never goes out of style… and seriously, it’s pretty sweet to be supporting a wonderful program like SOS while at the same time giving a gift to someone else…).  And, guess what else?  We do fundraisers too!  If you know of a school group or a group at PSMC looking to raise money… or any other group looking to raise money… how about raising money while at the same time supporting a local social enterprise that empowers women??? 


I am attempting to upload three things to this post: a gift basket order form; a regular-soup-cookie-dip-mix-candle order form; and a fundraiser order form.  Please download and use if you’re interested!  Use the order forms yourself.  Print out a bunch and give them to friends or family or coworkers.  Print a bunch and set them out at work.  Then do one of several things: call, e-mail, fax, or send the order to Soup of Success (phone: 574-523-1551; fax: 574-295-5593; e-mail: Soupofsuccess@aol.com; address: 629 S. 3rd St., Elkhart, IN, 46516). 

 Also, all of the pictures on the order forms?  Taken by me over at Jubilee House 🙂 (those of you who have visited in the past few months likely noticed that our front living room has been taken over by a homemade light box… basically, a very white cloth surrounded by nearly every lamp in the house…).

 **Edit: So, I couldn’t upload the fundraiser form because it’s an excel file.  So I took a screenshot of it and uploaded it as a jpg… it might be a bit fuzzy and not as nice.  So, if you’re truly interested in using SOS stuff for a fundraiser, e-mail or talk to me :).**

Gift Baskets!!!

Regular Order Form

Fundraiser Order Form


Hey, it’s a blog.

So here are my myriad thoughts. Be prepared, gentle reader, for a blast of weirdness.

Started off last week at Wheelchair help. Fun stuff, involving paper, clipboards, a boss who goes about a million miles a minute, which is ok, I suppose. Not my style of doing things, but I didn’t make the rules of the universe. Can’t beleive they forgot to ask. Seriously, folks. Beyond that, I dropped a piece of a paper folding machine on my left big toe, which explains the lovely bandage. Thank you, Dr. Sarah.

Beyond that, life continues on. We had Tempura this evening, and were joined by Pastor Paula, Ross and Jordan Weibe-Powell, a real treat, all. We’re getting a ramp put in by Simon, and we’re really really hoping that he’s not moving all those concrete blocks by his lonesome. It’s currently a big nasty pile of dirt, which made it harder for our dear brother Ross to get into our humble abode, but we continued undaunted. Jeanette was gracious enough to loan us an electric wok for making the Tempura in, which, for those of you who don’t know, requires boiling veggie oil. This was uncool in Sarah’s book, so Jason and I took charge. It was a smashing success, and I can now add this to the (admittedly miniscule) roster of foods I can make.

Totally off-topic, but does anyone know the best way to get from Rio Grande, Ohio to Elkhart?

I have a trip coming up soon, I believe, but I am entirely unsure at this point. I was planning on going to West Virginia to meet up with some people but it looks like that’s falling through. This disheartens me greatly, making me quite the sad panda. Still, there may still be hope. If not, life goes on, however sadly and panda-y it may be.

Had a meeting with RSVP, which is another volunteer organization, so that’s good. They’ll funnel people over towards Wheelchair Help for me, which makes my job about ten times easier, that is, whenever I get to that particular part of the job. Right now, I’m a glorified handyman. Had some issues today putting a chair together, which was most vexatious. I had to pull the darn thing apart, screws, bolts, nuts, and all and it turned out that half of that work was entirely unneeded when I got it put back together. And don’t even get me started on the foot pedals that I had to dig through a ten-gallon drum for. Then, it turned out they were on the other side of the building. It’s getting better over there, but still, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth at the shoddy organization.

So it’s about 12:30 at night, so it’s about time for me to seal my hatch, or stop typing, or whatever, and get some glorious, glorious sleep. Until later, kids!