Our house meetings are a hoot!

Do you know what it is like when 5 amazing brains get in the same place and think about how we can best live with one another?

It is awesome.  We have house meetings once a week, and it is formal time in which we work on perplexing issues together.  I love everyone in this house for their enthusiasm, intellectual rigor,  commitment to social justice, and to creating a peaceful, environmentally sustainable home.

I don’t have time to go into all the details…I’m just writing this blog post on a study break here from my homework for the classes at AMBS (Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary)  so I’ll just write done key phrases for our household, all of which have come up at housemeeting at some point.  If you have any questions, you can ask!

Worms in tupperware in the parlor
The heat barrier
Whiteboard scribbles and notes
Eating the whole apple
Stretching our food budget
Vacuum cleaner
White Jesus is in the cupboard taking a time-out
Tofutti and other vegan treats
Bully Free Zone
Starter gardens in J’s room and on the front porch
Lavaré mis platos
Cheerios vs. Toasted Oats

These should occupy your mind for a while.  If you are a potential recruit reading this, please DO come and spend some time in Elkhart serving and learning together.  It is super awesome.


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