So then, it’s Thanksgiving.

It’s that nice time of year when we all eat too much and prepare to shop. What could be more American, I tells ya.

All cynicism aside, there’s something to be said for having out with family and having a big dinner. My uncle and his second wife were there, as well as my cousin, my brother and mom and I of course, and we all hung out at my Grandmother’s place. (That’s Isabelle Wenger, btw). She was actually feeling well enough to putter around the house like she used to, so it was a relaxing return to normality from the holidays.

Sarah Thompson is back from Argentina, with matte (I hope that’s spelled right. It’s pronounced ‘maa-tay’) , which is a taste I acquired from Andrea, which, incidentally is the first time I met Jason, at that baseball game a few months back.

Has it really only been a few months? Crazy, huh?

Anyway, we’re looking forward to having our little pseudo-family expanded further, and further yet again after the first of the year.

Gettin’ a van, from Topeka. Weird how these connections get made, hmm?

Life goes well, and without serious injury to any of us, so we’re all very thankful for that. So spend your Friday inside to avoid getting trampled and enjoy your families.


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