a delightful thing happened coming home from work

I was walking home from work the other day and heard some guys playing Arabic music from their car. I thought, people don’t just generally play Arabic music unless they’re (1) way cool or (2) Arab. Both kinds of people who I’m always keen to meet.

So I stopped, said some Arabic hellos and they invited me into the convenience store they own (the One Stop Shop on Indiana Ave), gave me some Nestea and a tasty pastry and some Arabic coffee — about a cup and a half, which equals approximately 30 servings.

We talked a little about where they’re from, how I learned Arabic studying in Jordan, and about what’s going on at the Roosevelt Center across the street. Turns out Ali and Muhammad are from Palestine and Hatim is from Iraq. They’re right next to Alma Madera’s clothing store on one side and the Thai market on the other. Who knew Elkhart was so metropolitan? Looking forward to having occaision for good chats around there in the near future.


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