Again, it is, in fact, a blog.

So after that senseless slaughter of commas, I’ve got news! Sorta.

Tomorrow is green bean casserole night, everyone’s invited, as usual.

Wheelchair Help work progresses through frustration and confusion.

I think I really lucked out when I signed on to this unit to find such easy-to-live-with people. However, the lack of interwebs (The Internet for all of you normal folk) is starting to make me go a little coocoo. Actually its probably the best thing that ever happened to me, but still, it’s a drastic departure.

REST march comin’ up, everyone be there.

What else can I say? Hmmm… Halloween should be fun. Still not sure what to do for it.

Watched The Fountain last night. Had weird dreams afterwords. Attributing it to The Fountain. Not watching it again.

Sing the Story, contrary to popular/Jason belief is purple.

This chapter in my life is now entitled ‘In Which CJ learns that dry milk costs 7.00.”

Also, I’ve been writing a good deal now, and I finally have something finished! Go me! Only took me… 6 years. Oh. Well, hey, now I get to enjoy the run around of publishing companies. Whoo.

Aside from that, life is grand. Later all!



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