Hello from the Jubilee House!

Actually, hello from PSMC, where I (sarah) am currently accessing the Internet. We have decided to try – try – to maintain a house blog. We make no promises that the updates will be regular.

To start off, I thought I’d post a portion of the announcement that went out today in Andrew’s notes:

News from Jubilee House: telephone – 294-4967

Jason Shenk wears two hats: He works four days with Elkhart Housing Partnership in neighborhood development. He works one day a week with AMIGOS – Youth of Mennonite World Conference preparing for the Assembly 2009 in Paraguay.

Sarah Thiessen juggles at least four balls! In any one week she works at Center for Community Justice, Church Community Services, Center for Healing and Hope, Roosevelt Elementary School (science assistant),

CJ Irelan has begun working at Wheelchair Help, an organization which provides wheelchairs for people who cannot afford or get it through insurance. CJ works with clients and volunteers who are reconditioning the wheelchairs.

These three are making Jubilee House their home. We anticipate two additional members joining the unit in January.

• Come to Jubilee House on any Wednesday evening for a meal. Just call ahead and bring something to put on the table.

• Include Jason, Sarah and CJ for a family meal or social activity. Friday evening, Saturdays and Sundays are the best days.

• Invite Jason, Sarah and CJ to meet with your small group or Sunday School class social to hear more about their work in the community.

From the Jubilee House Support Committee


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